Making headlines

March 31

IU Distinguished Scholar Lee Hamilton’s column "There's too much secrecy in government" appears in the Belgrade News.

March 24

Paul Helmke and Beth Cate are quoted by The Indianapolis Star in "Pence signs new abortion restrictions into law."

March 21

Bernard Fraga of the IU Bloomington Department of Political Science is quoted by Vox in "Why did Bernie Sanders do better with black voters in Michigan? We asked 4 experts."

March 20

Filippo Menczer of the IU School of Informatics and Computing is quoted by Vice in "We asked an expert if memes could determine the outcome of the presidential election."

March 18

IU Distinguished Scholar Lee Hamilton’s column "It's time for America to get defense spending right" appears in The Huffington Post.

March 17

IU Distinguished Scholar Lee Hamilton’s column "Before you reject the system, understand it" appears in the News Democrat Leader.

March 16

Scott Pegg of the IUPUI Department of Political Science tells WRTV, "Horse has left the barn for anti-Trump GOP."

March 13

Paul Helmke of SPEA at IU Bloomington is quoted by the Indianapolis Star in "With election looming, Indiana lawmakers played it safe in 2016 session."

March 13

Elizabeth Bennion of the IU South Bend Department of Political Science is quoted by the South Bend Tribune in "'Trump effect' could alter House, Senate rates."

March 7

Christopher DeSanteBernard Fraga and Marjorie Hershey of IU Bloomington's Department of Political Science are quoted by the Bloomington Herald-Times in "Will the Indiana primary matter? Experts say it will."

March 7

Mike Wolf of the IPFW Department of Political Science is quoted by the Indianapolis Business Journal in "Bitter GOP primary context could spell exciting Indiana primary."

March 1

Bernard Fraga of the IU Bloomington Department of Political Science is quoted by Vox in "Trying to sabotage Republicans by supporting Trump is a very bad idea."